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Selling a home often seems like a complicated and frustrating process that comes with many questions.  Where do you start? Is my property ready for sale?  How difficult is it to sell my home or property in Fremont, Custer, Pueblo, El Paso and surrounding counties?

Some sellers decide to negotiate the complicated selling process on their own, but are often disappointed with the results. Studies show that property owners who use a licensed REALTOR® get higher prices and receive offers in less time than those who try to sell on their own.  Additionally, working with a realtor means fewer surprises, better accuracy and timeliness, no opportunities for fraud, and an overall better real estate experience. 

Specializing in land, ranch, farm, and residential real estate, REALTOR® Diana Wheat has cultivated a boutique workflow around a proven standard of integrity, truly living up to Dirt Road Realty’s tagline: “In The People Business of Real Estate.”

Stress-Free Property Selling

REALTOR® Diana Wheat, and her team at Dirt Road Realty, want to be your real estate partner to make the sale of your property as stress - free and profitable as it can be. Together, we can create a transaction that is fair, reasonable, and beneficial for everyone.

We combine our comprehensive print, internet, and social media marketing campaigns with our solid agent relationships to scan the marketplace for the perfect buyer for your home or property. Buyers recognize our brand and reputation for being reliable, fair, and responsive, and therefore seek out our clients' properties. We find the buyers other agencies don't take the time to look for. 

Our extensive network includes lenders, banks, inspectors, contractors, insurance providers, specialists, and other vendors to help smooth out the sales process. We are never deterred by having to get something done to advance a sale.  Something’s happened?....we know a guy.

Your home selling experience is important to us. A successful transaction means more than merely making a good profit on your sale or getting a good buying price on a purchase.  It means that you trusted us enough to accompany you throughout this process. We are honored to be the real estate company you turn to during this process.

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