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Selling a home often seems like a complicated and frustrating process that comes with many questions.  Where do you start? Is my property ready for sale?  How difficult is it to sell my home or property in Fremont, Custer, Pueblo, El Paso and surrounding counties? Some sellers decide to negotiate the complicated selling process on their own, but are often disappointed with the results. Studies show that property owners who use a licensed REALTOR® get higher prices and receive offers in less time than those who try to sell on their own.  Additionally, working with a realtor means fewer surprises,... Read The Rest
Let Us Help You Find Your Own Little Slice Of Heaven
When it comes time to buy a new house or property, we all want options. Usually, we have a good idea of what we're looking for, and we tend to be unsatisfied when we can't find it. At Dirt Road Realty, we are committed to searching for the home you're looking for.  To keep our clients' options moving at the speed of the real estate market, we provide access to rapidly updated Multiple Listing Service (MLS) listings that match properties to buyer’s criteria.  Our clients don't have to wait to explore the properties that populate the MLS because we are... Read The Rest
Let Us Help You Figure Out Value and Worth
Wondering how competitive the Colorado housing market is? The decision to buy or sell a property is often accompanied by questions, concerns, or curiosity. The internet offers extensive information, but a website cannot answer your questions, make eye contact, or offer a cup of coffee. The internet may be where potential buyers and sellers start, but they usually need to talk to a real person to make informed decisions.  To make sure a home or property here in Colorado is fairly priced, a real estate market analysis should always be performed, before buying or selling. A market analysis from Dirt... Read The Rest
Let Us Notarize Your Documents
Finding a notary public is often much harder than it should be. Please contact Dirt Road Realty if you need to have documents notarized. We provide free notary services to anyone, client or not, and we can complete the process in our office or where you are. Give us a call and we'll provide the seal. Due to property showings, we may not always be in the office. Clients should contact our office to confirm that a Notary will be available when needed. You must present a current (not expired), government issued identification that includes a photo and signature before... Read The Rest

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