Can I just use Zillow to discover what my property is worth?

Most of us have looked on sites like and to research a property's value. The prices these websites calculate are more accurate than they used to be, but they are not nearly as accurate as the value estimate a REALTOR® can determine.

We know our area and are familiar with the comparable sales. In many cases when we prepare a comparative market analysis, we have actually been inside some or all of the comps or have represented the buyers or sellers. This knowledge is far superior than any data a computer algorithm has to offer.

Additionally, a comparative market analysis is far more comprehensive than a single number on a website. It includes analyses and wisdom that computer algorithms cannot compute. 

Finally, a computer does not have relationships in the community. It does not understand the market forces that affect property sales.  It doesn't know neighbors, a community's history, or local information.  We do, and we use this information to get buyers and sellers the best prices for their properties.

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